Trailers ~ Videos &Music Videos withPortia Chellelynn

Music Video 2018 ~ Malus Dextra~ Wanderer

Starring Portia Chellelynn

Sell Me This Pen (2018) is a parody/mockumentary of "The Wolf of Wallstreet"

Portia helped with production and acted as the director. You can watch the full short film below.

Sell Me This Pen (2018) ~ Bloopers

Extended Preview of

Sell Me This Pen (2018)

Sell Me This Pen ~ Oscars TV Spot

Sell Me This Pen ~ TV Spot

SECOND CHANCES: New Beginnings (2017) Trailer

Portia's debut directorial & PCFilms 1st film!!!

The Clown Dies @ Midnight  ~ Behind the Scenes

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Leaf Blower Massacre 2 (Trailer)

You can order the full movie now at

Portia has a small role as a college student

Portia Chellelynn in Music Video ~ Fatal Havoc ~ Gasping For Air (2016) 

Cellar Secret (Faux Pas Films) Starring Portia Chellelynn

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DVD's available in Portia's store too.

Candie's Harem (Faux Pas Films)Trailer 2015

Starring Portia Chellelynn 

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Also available in Portia's store.

Candie's Harem Outtake from Interviews ~ Full version ONLY available on the blu ray.

Portia's Actor's Reel from Candie's Harem (to be updated soon)...

Music Video ~ Man Made Man ~ A Favored Son (2009)

With Portia Chellelynn as a featured dancer.

Portia in 2007 at the Silver Slipper Saloon in Ottawa, IL. dancing & performing pole acrobatics to music by the band DOPE.

Deimosimine (LCFilms) Trailer from First shoot with original lead actress before reshoot...

Deimosimine (LCFilms) Trailer from 2nd shoot … unfortunately this movie will never be seen. In Dec. of 2017, the director, Chad Armstrong of LCFilms, suddenly passed away tragically of cancer... may he rest in peace.

Trailer Portia starred in as The Avenger (Waterfront Productions)… a future John Borowski film.

Café Kremlin: Sergei's Law (Joe & Joe Media) Season 2: Episode 1

Portia is featured at the very end of the episode.

Portia's latest project, Witch House, teaser trailer. She portrays the lead role as Alice Gilman. Coming to you soon in 2019 presented by Horror Wasteland Pictures International with First Frame & III% Productions

Filmed at the infamous Hannah House haunted mansion in Indianapolis, Indiana

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